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Tagline Logo

Emphasizing Florida Tech's expertise in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the tagline logo is a lockup of the university's trademarked tagline "Florida's STEM University" and the primary logo.

This logo should be the initial identifier on all university communications. Secondary references to the university, such as on the back cover or within the content of interior pages, may use the stand-alone primary logo.

Separate the tagline logo from other page elements by a minimum distance of the "F" in Florida Tech as illustrated below:

 Clear Area Around Tagline Logo

Use The Tagline Logo For

  • Recruiting materials

  • Branding/advertising materials

  • Institutional advancement materials

  • Student activities/student life materials

  • PowerPoint presentations (first slide only)

  • Departmental brochures

  • Alumni publications

  • Signage

  • Promotional items and collateral

  • Any publication for external audiences

The Tagline May Appear Separately On

  • Forms and certificates

  • Apparel

  • Email

  • Websites

Size And Color Variations

Minimum Width

  • Stacked logo: 1"
  • Horizontal logo: 1.25"

Color Variations

  • Three-color: Crimson text with gold orbit/star and black tagline
  • One-color: Crimson
  • One-color: Black
  • Reverse: On any solid color background
  • Reverse with gold orbit/star

Placing The Logo

Anchor the stacked logo on the right side—to the page edge or design "edge," such as a column break, vertical rule or frame. Rarely will this version of the logo be centered.

Anchoring the stacked tagline logo

Anchor the horizontal logo from the left or center. 

  • To left anchor, align from the "F" in Florida Tech, rather than the edge of the orbit. 
  • To center, use the halfway point between the left edge of the "F" in Florida Tech and the left edge of the orbit as the left margin and the right edge of the "H" in Tech as the right margin.

Anchoring the horizontal tagline logo

Follow These Guidelines

  • Do use as the primary identifier on all university communications. 

  • Don't use the orbit or star as individual design elements, nor incorporate as part of another mark or design.

  • Don’t use the logo close to or over distracting design elements and incorporate as part of a larger pattern or design element.

  • Don’t add graphic effects, like a drop shadow, bevel or glow, to the logo.

  • Don’t change any aspect of the orbit, star, wordmark, tagline or their proportionate relationship in size and spacing.

  • Don’t attempt to recreate the logo (by scanning, redrawing or typing) or substitute another. 
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