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Student Organization Graphics

Student organizations may create and use their own unique graphic element provided the design does not violate the university’s Graphic Identity Policy.

Follow these Guidelines

  • The primary university logo, seal, wordmark and Panther graphic may NOT be used, in whole or in part, within a student organization design; however, the Panther Paw graphic may be incorporated.

  • Affiliation with the university can be included below or within the graphic by using the words “at Florida Tech” or "Florida Tech" in block-style lettering (using a sans serif font). The acronym FIT should not be used.

  • Use of official university colors is not required, but is recommended.

  • The Florida Tech logo or wordmark may be used on an item like a T-shirt; however, it must appear separately from the student organization graphic. For example, the student organization graphic would be the main image on a T-shirt, while the university logo or wordmark could appear on the shirt pocket or sleeve.

For questions, approval, design assistance or additional guidance, contact Creative Services.

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