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Athletics And Spirit Marks

The following guidelines have been established as the approved representation of Florida Tech Athletics. The Panthers graphic identity encompasses the protected marks of the university and should be managed with consistency and discipline across all communication materials. Proper reproduction of these marks protect and strengthen the integrity of the Florida Tech Panthers brand.

Panther Logo—Primary Marks

The Panthers logo—representing Florida Tech Athletics—is available in three variations:

Primary Mascot + Wordmark Lockup—the preferred format for representing Florida Tech Athletics, especially to external audiences

Alternate Mascot + Wordmark Lockup—an alternate format, when space constraints are not compatible with the primary lockup

Panther Mascot Logo—the stand-alone mascot art, reserved for use among audiences familiar with Florida Tech

When representing Florida Tech Athletics outside of the university community, priority must be given to the primary and alternate lockup logos. During the transition year and the establishment of the new Panther identity, it is important the public makes the connection between the new Panther mascot imagery and the university. The stand-alone Panther mascot logo should be used sparingly and only at the discretion of University Marketing and Florida Tech Athletics during this transition.

Separate the Primary Mascot + Wordmark Lockup from other page elements by a minimum distance of the cap height or arm height of the "F" in Florida Tech as illustrated below:

Illustration of clear area requirements around the primary Panther logo lockup

Separate the Alternate Mascot + Wordmark Lockup from other page elements by a minimum distance of the cap height or arm height of the "T" in Florida Tech as illustrated below:

Illustration of clear area requirements around the alternate Panther logo lockup

Panther Logo—Secondary Marks

The mascot + wordmark lockups, above, are the preferred logos for representing Florida Tech Athletics. When space considerations prohibit use of the full lockups or additional identity placements are needed, three wordmarks are available for use. The primary and alternate wordmarks may stand alone to represent Florida Tech Athletics and Panther spirit. The Panthers wordmark is a secondary element that does not stand alone. It may be included on the side of a hat or the sleeve of a shirt, when the university name has already be clearly established in a priority position.

The distance between the stand-alone wordmarks and any typography added below should be equivalent to the space between logo elements above. For example, in the primary wordmark, the space below is equivalent to the space between “Florida Tech” and “Panthers.” In the alternate wordmark, the space below should be equivalent to the space between “Florida” and “Tech,” as illustrated below:

Illustration of clear area requirements around the Athletics wordmarks

Use the Panther Logo For

  • Athletics communications

  • Athletics uniforms

  • Apparel and merchandise at the Florida Tech Bookstore

  • Student activities and student life events to emphasize school spirit and Panther pride

Size and Color Variations

Minimum Width

  • Primary logo lockup: 1.75"
  • Alternate logo lockup: 1"

Color Variations

The preferred background colors for the Panther logo are white or crimson. However, the logo can be reproduced on a variety of backgrounds or color fields. On light backgrounds, the words "Florida Tech" should always be crimson in full-color usage or black in one-color usage. On dark backgrounds, the words "Florida Tech" should always be white in both full-color and one-color usages. Do not place crimson text over a dark background.

Examples of Panther logo color schemes 

Follow these Guidelines

  • Don’t use the Panther logo in combination with the primary Florida Tech logo, subunit logos or the university seal.

  • Don't use the Panther logo to represent academic activities or individual colleges.
  • Don’t place the Panther logo close to or over distracting design elements or incorporate as part of a larger pattern or design element.

  • Don’t add graphic effects, like a drop shadow, bevel or glow, to the logo.

  • Don’t change any aspect of the Panther or wordmark or their proportionate relationship in size and spacing.

  • Don’t remove, resize or change the color of the key line (outer border). The key line is required on dark backgrounds to ensure contrast.

  • Don’t attempt to recreate the logo (by scanning, redrawing or typing) or substitute another.


Panther Paw Spirit Mark

The Panther Paw spirit mark may be used sparingly as a graphic element to emphasize school spirit and Panther pride; however, it must not be used as a substitute for or compete with the primary university logo or Panther logo.  

 Panther paw spirit mark

Follow these Guidelines

  • Do use sparingly. The Panther Paw is not a replacement for the primary logo or Panther logo.
  • Do maintain sufficient space between the Panther Paw and any other university logo.
  • Don’t combine the Panther Paw into an other university logo.
  • Don’t use the Panther Paw in conjunction with the university seal.


Retired marks:

The following marks and any variations are retired and are no longer supported.  

Retired sun-panther logo          Retired jumping panther logo      Retired toothbrush panther  Retired Florida Tech Panther LogoCrossed out image of the 2018 retired Panther logo

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