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Subunit Logos

In order to cultivate brand awareness, affinity and equity among our audiences, the tagline logo is always the preferred university identifier for publications, advertising materials and durable goods.

However, in cases where colleges, specialized centers or research institutes need to identify themselves, by name, as part of the university, the use of a subunit logo is permitted. This option is available for use where it will most effectively communicate to the intended audience. Subunit logos are reserved for internal communications, where the audience is already familiar with the university, and it is necessary to highlight the subunit in particular.

Subunit logos are the ONLY approved alternative to the primary university logo and the only specialty logo design option for Florida Tech entities that conduct business on behalf of the university. 

A Subunit Logo May Be Used For Internal Communication By

  • Colleges and schools

  • Research institutes and labs

  • Specialized centers or university initiatives

  • Campus service units, such as Campus Dining or the Alumni Association

A Subunit Logo Should Not Be Used By

  • Administrative offices

  • Academic departments and programs

  • Student organizations

A Subunit Logo Should Not Be Used For

  • Student recruitment or university awareness-building communications

  • Advertising materials

  • Durable goods, such as canvas totes

  • Any communication to external audiences

  • Multiple Florida Tech subunit logos should not be used together (for example, if several Florida Tech units co-sponsor an event or program). Instead, the tagline logo should be used with the sponsoring units listed in text below the logo, as illustrated below:

    How to list multiple subunit sponsors

Follow the guidelines

  • Use sparingly. The tagline logo is ALWAYS the preferred mark for identifying the university to external audiences.
  • Maintain Florida Tech first in the visual hierarchy as outlined below.
  • Subunit logos do not include the university tagline.

  • Do not incorporate a subunit logo into a larger image or design element.
  • See Apparel and Tablecloths for special use guidelines.
  • Always request design assistance from Creative Services. 


Subunit lockup - preferred format


Note: If the subunit text does not fit within the Alternate Format guidelines, use the Preferred Format in all applications. If the subunit text is too small for the preferred format (e.g., only one or one and a half lines of text), the Alternate Format is acceptable for all uses.

Subunit lockup - alternate format

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