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Subunit Logos

Florida Tech is a comprehensive university as well as a multifaceted service provider, offering everything from degree programs and pilot training to summer camps and public events. We must not, however, think of Florida Tech as a “house of brands,” but rather, a “branded house.” In order to cultivate brand awareness, affinity and equity among the audiences we wish to serve, we must always present ourselves in the most effective way: Florida Tech first. As such, the primary university logo is always the preferred choice for publications and advertising materials, particularly those used for awareness-building and student recruitment.

However, in cases where colleges, specialized centers or research institutes need to identify themselves, by name, as part of the university, the use of a subunit logo is permitted. This option is available for use where it will most effectively communicate to the intended audience. Subunit logos are typically used for internal communications, where the audience is already familiar with the university, and it is necessary to highlight the subunit in particular.

Subunit logos are the only approved logo option for Florida Tech entities that conduct business on behalf of the university.

Examples of subunit logos

Use a subunit logo for

  • Primarily internal audiences
  • Communication in which it is necessary to highlight the subunit in particular

Follow the guidelines

  • Do use sparingly. The primary logo is always the preferred mark for identifying the university to external audiences.
  • Do maintain Florida Tech first in the visual hierarchy.
  • Do request design assistance from Creative Services.