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University Wordmark

The university wordmark is a unique typographic element used to consistently present the words "Florida Tech" and, in limited cases, "Florida Institute of Technology." In most cases, the primary logo should be used to identify the university; however, the wordmark may be used in certain instances as outlined below.

Separate the university wordmark from other page elements by a minimum distance of the cap height of the "F" in Florida Tech.

Clear zone around university wordmark

Use the Florida Tech Wordmark for

  • Advertisements (where space is limited)
  • Memos
  • Apparel items (shirts, hats, etc.)
  • Return address blocks (where space is limited)

Retain the full Florida Institute of Technology wordmark on

  • Letterhead
  • #9 Envelopes for letterhead
  • Forms
  • Business cards
  • Within existing affiliate logos

Follow these guidelines

  • The university wordmark need not be the dominant element on the page, but the name of the university should appear prominently.
  • Use the university wordmark in an area in which other type is not touching it or superimposed on it.
  • The wordmark must not be placed close to or over distracting design elements and must not become part of a larger pattern or design element.
  • Do not add any graphic effects, like a drop shadow, bevel or glow, to the wordmark.
  • The university wordmark may be printed in any solid (100%) color to coordinate with the design of a single color publication. It should not be printed in more than one color or outlined, but it may be printed in reverse as long as it is printed wholly in reversed form.
  • Do not attempt to recreate this mark (by scanning, redrawing or typing) or substitute another.