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University Seal

The university seal is reserved for ceremonial and presidential communications. It is not used for recruitment or marketing purposes, nor for student activities, digital platforms, general university merchandise or day-to-day university communications. Use of the Florida Tech seal always requires approval from the Office of the President.

The university seal is used for

  • Diplomas

  • Awards and academic recognitions

  • Commemorative objects of a durable, high-quality material created for a specific, limited distribution

  • Transcripts

  • Gonfalons

  • Legal documents

  • Approved architectural monuments

Follow these guidelines

  • Don’t use the seal in place of the primary logo.

  • Don’t use the seal in combination with the primary logo.

  • Don’t add graphic effects, like a drop shadow, bevel or glow, to the seal.

  • Don’t screen the seal as a watermark or background graphic, nor crop or use in whole or in part as a graphic design element.

  • Don’t attempt to recreate the seal (by scanning, redrawing or typing) or substitute another.

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