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University Seal

The university seal alone is used exclusively for the highest official communication of the university and materials produced for the Office of the President.

University Seal artwork

The university seal is used for

  • Ceremonial documents, such as awards, diplomas and proclamations from the Office of the President
  • Commemorative objects of a durable, high-quality material created for a specific, limited distribution
  • Transcripts
  • Gonfalons
  • Signage in extremely limited usage, such as at the main entryway to the institution or post and panel building signs; in the offices of members of the senior management team and the president, but not in less formal settings

Follow these guidelines

  • The university seal must not be placed close to, over or behind distracting design elements and must not become part of a larger pattern or design element.
  • The university seal may not be screened as a watermark or background graphic, nor cropped or used in whole or in part as a graphic design element.
  • Do not add any graphic effects, like a drop shadow, bevel or glow, to the seal.

Special Case

A modified version of the university seal was created for use on the official Florida Tech website.

  • This version of the seal is only to be used in this capacity by the web design team.
  • It CANNOT be used on other web pages or in printed materials.

Website Gold Seal