Ocean Engineering And Marine Sciences Faculty


Richard Aronson, Ph.D., coral reefs, climate change, paleoecology, marine ecology, Antarctica.

Mark Bush, Ph.D., paleoecology, biogeography, Amazonian speciation, tropical conservation, wetland ecosystems.

Kevin Johnson, Ph.D.,  benthic and water-column ecology, invasive species, planktonic grazing and distributions, estuarine restoration, predator-prey interactions.

Steven Lazarus, Ph.D., analysis and modeling of wind-driven waves, surface roughness, data assimilation, meteorology of lightning.

Kenyon Lindeman, Ph.D., sustainable coastal policy and climate adaptation, reef-fishery conservation, applied system sustainability.

George Maul, Ph.D., Atlantic tsunami mitigation, marine meteorology, climate and sea-level change, maritime natural hazards, physical oceanography, remote sensing.

Ronnal Reichard, Ph.D., composite materials and structures, composite manufacturing.

Geoffrey Swain, Ph.D., materials, corrosion, biofouling, offshore technology, ship operations.

Ralph Turingan, Ph.D., marine biology, vertebrate functional morphology, community structure of fishes, ecological morphology of feeding systems.

Robert Van Woesik, Ph.D., population and community ecology of coral reefs, emphasis on mechanisms underlying large scale patterns in coral community structure and diversity.

Gary Zarillo, Ph.D., sediment-transport technology, coastal and estuarine sedimentation, barrier island and tidal inlet 

Associate Professors

Charles Bostater, Ph.D., environmental modeling, remote sensing, estuarine particle dynamics, water quality instrumentation, environmental optics, environmental geophysical fluid dynamics, physical oceanography.

David Carroll, Ph.D., molecular basis of signal transduction in fertilization of marine invertebrates.

Andrew Palmer, Ph.D., host–pathogen interactions, plant–plant signaling, chemical biology.

Prasanta Sahoo, Ph.D., naval architecture, numerical modeling, computational fluid dynamics, propulsion, wave dynamics and hydrodynamics of high-speed craft.

Jonathan Shenker, Ph.D.,  finfish aquaculture, biology and ecology of early life stages of fishes, environmental toxicology.

Robert Weaver, Ph.D., coastal flooding and transport, water quality, 2D/3D circulation modeling, littoral processes.

Stephen Wood, Ph.D., underwater robotics, underwater vehicles, advanced navigation, control systems and ocean energy systems.

Assistant Professors

Toby Daly-Engel, Ph.D., molecular ecology, reproductive evolution, elasmobranch biology (sharks, skates, rays).

Spencer Fire, Ph.D., marine mammalogy, wildlife toxicology.

Austin Fox, Ph.D., concentrations and cycling of trace metals and nutrients in the oceans, estuaries and rivers.

Eric Guisbert, Ph.D., biochemistry and molecular biology of the heat-shock response in animals.

Kelli Hunsucker, Ph.D., biofouling, biofilms, hydrodynamics of marine ecosystems, diatom settlement on artificial surfaces, benthic ecology, coastal water quality, eco-engineering, marine education

Emily Ralston, Ph.D., biofouling, corrosion

Pallav Ray, Ph.D., tropical climate dynamics and variability, Madden-Julian oscillations, regional climate modeling, intraseasonal oscillations, land-atmosphere interactions, urban modeling.​


Glenn Miller, coastal ecology

Professors Emeriti

Thomas V. Belanger, Ph.D; Iver W. Duedall, Ph.D.; John G. Morris, Ph.D.; Dean R. Norris, Ph.D.; John Sainsbury, Ph.D.; John H. Trefry, Ph.D.; Richard L. Turner, Ph.D.; John G. Windsor, Ph.D; Andrew Zborowski, Ph.D.

Doherty Visiting Professor

Jeff A. Eble, Ph.D.