Computer Engineering And Sciences Faculty


William W. Arrasmith, Ph.D.unconventional detection methods, imaging systems, adaptive optics, atmospheric turbulence compensation, infrasound propagation and modeling, virtual/mixed/augmented reality, and systems engineering.

Marco Carvalho, Ph.D., intelligent communication and information systems, network and computer  security.

Samuel P.  Kozaitis, Ph.D., automated feature extraction, image processing.

Brian A. Lail, Ph.D., antenna-coupled sensors, computational and applied electromagnetics, EMI,  EMC.

Debasis Mitra, Ph.D., artificial intelligence, spatial and temporal  reasoning.

Syed H. Murshid, Ph.D., photonics, fiber-optic sensors, acoustic and fiber-optic communications, power electronics,  instrumentation.

Marius C. Silaghi, Ph.D., cryptology, speech recognition, multi-party computation.Ryan Stansifer, Ph.D., programming languages, compilers, internationalization.

Associate Professors

William H. Allen III, Ph.D., computer networks, digital forensics, computer and network  security.

Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos, Ph.D., machine learning, pattern  recognition.

Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Ph.D., formal methods, model-based software/systems engineering, autonomous systems, software/security assurance, wireless sensor networks.

Philip J. Bernhard, Ph.D., database systems, theory of computation.

Philip K. Chan, Ph.D., scalable adaptive methods, machine learning, data mining, parallel and distributed computing, intelligent systems.

Thomas C. Eskridge, Ph.D., human–computer interaction, machine learning and data mining, knowledge representation and artificial intelligence visualization, user interface design.

Veton Z. Këpuska, Ph.D., human–machine interaction and communication, speech  recognition.

Michael C. King, Ph.D., biometrics, cyber-identity protection and privacy, machine learning, computer  networks.

Ivica Kostanic, Ph.D., telecommunications, wireless  telecommunications.

Carlos E. Otero, Ph.D., computer systems, wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks, performance evaluation and optimization of  systems.

Luis Daniel Otero, Ph.D., transportation systems engineering, decision support systems, remote sensing on UAV platforms.

Adrian M. Peter, Ph.D., systems engineering, statistical data analysis, machine learning, image  analysis, computer vision, general signal processing, numerical optimization, infrasound and seismic data analysis.

Eraldo Ribeiro, Ph.D., computer vision, image processing, pattern  recognition.

William D. Shoaff, Ph.D., functional programming, analysis of algorithms, numerical  analysis.

Ryan Stansifer, Ph.D., programming languages, compilers, internationalization.

Josko Zec, Ph.D., wireless communications.

Assistant Professors

Aldo A. Fabregas, Ph.D., manufacturing systems analytics, intelligent transportation systems, and model-based systems engineering.

Chul-Ho Lee, Ph.D., network science (complex/social network analysis), statistical data analysis, networking, mobile computing, design and analysis of algorithms and protocols.

Terrence, O'Connor, Ph.D., Internet-of-Things (IoT) security and privacy, computer security education, software-defined networking, network security, mobile and wireless protocols, software-defined-radios, machine learning.

Bernard Parenteau Ph.D., applied software development, economics, analytics, block-chain, virtual  currencies.

Khaled Slhoub Ph.D. software engineering, software testing, software requirements, multi-agent systems, software quality, software standards, software metrics

Anthony Smith, Ph.D., high-performance computing, cloud computing, machine learning, data analytics, computer  vision.

Ersoy Subasi, Ph.D., operations research, financial mathematics, stochastic programming. Shengzhi Zhang, Ph.D., computer security, virtual machine security, operating system security.

Professors Emeriti

Frederick B. Buoni, Ph.D.; Cem Kaner, J.D., Ph.D.; Gerald A. Marin, Ph.D.; J. Richard Newman, Ph.D.; Rufus H. Cofer, Ph.D.; Raghvendra Deshmukh, Ph.D., P.E.; John Hadjilogiou, Ph.D., P.E.; Fredric M. Ham, Ph.D.; Celine Lang, D.P.A., Andrew W. Revay Jr., Ph.D.; Thomas J. Sanders, Ph.D.; M. Mehdi Shahsavari, Ph.D.; Robert L. Sullivan, Ph.D.; Lynn E. Weaver, Ph.D.; H.P. Weber,    D.Sc.