Mechanical And Civil Engineering Faculty


Paul J. Cosentino, Ph.D., P.E., pavement design and evaluation, transportation planning, containment of hazardous wastes, geotechnical engineering with emphasis on in situ testing and slope stability.

Linxia Gu, Ph.D., computational mechanics; biomechanics; biomaterial testing and design; bioresorbable device optimization; failure initiation and crack growth;  bio composites.

Hector M. Gutierrez, Ph.D., P.E., mechatronics, nonlinear control, electromechanical systems, electromechanical energy conversion, magnetic suspension systems, computer-based instrumentation, computer-aided engineering of control systems.

Gerald J. Micklow, Ph.D., P.E., automotive engineering, thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, gas turbine engines, compressible gas dynamics, jet and rocket propulsion, external aerodynamics.

Ashok Pandit, Ph.D., P.E., groundwater hydraulics and hydrology, numerical methods in subsurface modeling, hydraulic design, stormwater management.

Jean-Paul Pinelli, Ph.D., P.E., wind and earthquake engineering, risk analysis and risk modeling, wireless instrumentation.

Steven Shaw, Ph.D., Harris Professor, dynamics and vibrations of mechanical systems, nonlinear and noisy behavior, design of resonant micro/nano-electro-mechanical systems, dynamics and design of centrifugal pendulum vibration absorbers.

Ke-gang Wang, Ph.D., materials science and engineering, phase transformation, nanomaterials, statistical mechanics for different transport processes.

Associate Professors

Albert M. Bleakley, Ph.D., P.E., construction management, project management, soil mechanics, structural systems, transportation engineering, safety.

Troy Nguyen, Ph.D., P.E., construction management, mechanical and electrical systems, renewable energy systems, systems engineering, building information modeling.

Nakin Suksawang, Ph.D., P.E., structural health monitoring and field testing; micromechanics, nanomechanics, advanced construction materials.

Shengyuan Yang, Ph.D., cell and tissue mechanics and mechanobiology, micro- and nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), bio-MEMS/NEMS.

Assistant Professors

Junyong Ahn, Ph.D., project delivery systems and performance evaluation, construction productivity, project risk management, innovative construction techniques.

Mary Ann Gaal. Ph.D, engineering management, construction, management, leadership, organizational behavior, communication, creativity

Weinan Gao, Ph.D., Control and Robotics, Reinforcement Learning, Adaptive Dynamic Programming, Output Regulation, Optimal Control, Cooperative Control, Connected Vehicles & Autonomous Vehicles

Rodrigo Mesa-Arango, Ph.D., freight and logistics, interdisciplinary transportation modeling, network modeling and simulation.

Ilya Mingareev, Ph.D., laser-based manufacturing, ultrafast laser micro-processing, laser–matter interactions, predictive process modeling, 3D printing.

Hamidreza Najafi, Ph.D.heat transfer, industrial and residential energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, thermal systems design and optimization, inverse heat conduction problems.

Anand Balu Nellippallil Ph.D., Design Decision Making, Robust Design, Design under Uncertainty

Efthymios Nikolopoulos, Ph.D.  Water resources, flood and drought risk, hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, remote sensing, early warning systems, statistical analysis of extremes, error analysis and uncertainty propagation, food-water-energy nexus.

Darshan Pahinkar, Ph.D., energy conversion and storage systems, computational and experimental thermal sciences, electronics thermal management.

Chiradeep Sen, Ph.D., unified theory of design, knowledge-based engineering systems, experimental exploration (cognitive, behavioral and social design), computational/linguistic modeling, artificial intelligence reasoning in engineering design.

Xingjian Wang, Ph.D.,  supercritical fluid flow and combustion, physics-based reduced order models for engineering design and analysis, data-driven modeling, combustion dynamics, high pressure thermodynamics and transport, and CFD.

Barry Webster, Ph.D., systems engineering, optimization analysis, management and analysis of data, artificial intelligence, software engineering.

Professors Emeriti

Howell H. Heck, Ph.D., P.E.

Edward H. Kalajian, Ph.D.

Ralph V. Locurcio, Ph.D.

J.W. Schwalbe, Ph.D.