Mathematical Sciences Faculty


Ugur G. Abdulla, Ph.D., partial differential equations, potential theory, nonlinear PDEs,

optimal control and inverse problems, free boundary problems, probabilistic potential theory,

dynamical systems, chaos theory


Jewgeni H. Dshalalow, Dr. Sci.real analysis, stochastic processes, queuing theory,

mathematical finance, stochastic games, stochastic networks


                                               M. Hamed, Ph.D., STEM teaching and learning, physics education, teacher education 
Cecilia A. Knoll, Ph.D., calculus mastery, integrating technology into the curriculum



Kanishka Perera, Ph.D., variational and topological methods for nonlinear partial differential equations,  

semi- and quasi-linear elliptic boundary value problems, problems and singularities, critical point theory,

infinite dimensional Morse theory


Thomas J. Marcinkowski, Ph.D., science and environmental education, environmental sensitivity,

environmental literacy, environmentally responsible behavior, educational assessment,

research, and evaluation


Gnana B. Tenali, Ph.D., wavelet analysis, differential operators, dynamical systems


Associate Professors

 Jian Du, Ph.D., scientific computing, numerical analysis, modeling and mathematical biology
 Jim Jones, Ph.D., computational mathematics, parallel computing, numerical solution of PDEs

Tariel I. Kiguradze, Ph.D., partial differential equations, hyperbolic equations and systems,

boundary value problems, qualitative theory

Jay J. Kovats, Ph.D., elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations, diffusion processes

Nezamoddin Nezamoddini-Kachoiue, Ph.D., biostatistics, bioimaging, signal processing,

image processing, computer vision

Michael D. Shaw, Ph.D., nonlinear differential equations, Lyapunov stability theory
Mine Subasi

Munevver M. Subasi, Ph.D., stochastic programming, optimization,

probabilistic constrained programming, machine learning, bioinformatics,

data mining, graph theory, financial mathematics


Assistant Professors

Vladislav Bukshtynov, Ph.D., numerical optimization, control theory, inverse problems,

mathematical modeling for industrial applications, modeling and analysis of PDEs,

computational fluid mechanics, scientific computing


William T. Girton, Ph.D., difference and differential equations


Stanley Snelson, Ph.D., partial differential equations, integral equations,

mathematical physics, nonlinear wave equations

Joo Young Park, Ph.D., mathematics education, mathematical modeling


Aaron Welters, Ph.D., mathematical physics, electromagnetic theory, materials science
Ryan White, Ph.D., probability theory and stochastic processes, queueing theory


Professors Emeriti

Semen Köksal, Ph.D., differential equations, mathematical biology, neural networks,

dynamical systems, mathematical modeling 


  • Frederick B. Buoni, Ph.D.
  • Richard E. Enstice, Ph.D.
  • Robert H. Fronk, Ph.D.,
  • Charles T. Fulton, Ph.D.
  • Dennis E. Jackson, Ph.D.

Instructor Emerita

  • Debra Blenis, M.S.