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College of Engineering and Science


The College of Engineering and Science is composed of world-recognized faculty conducting cutting-edge and high-tech research in a variety of areas. 

Aerospace, Physics And Space Sciences Faculty


Marc M. Baarmand, Ph.D., elementary particle physics: experimental high-energy physics at CERN (CMS experiment), hadroproduction of heavy quarks in pQCD, Higgs physics, and development of Artificial Intelligence and high-performance computing for HEP.

Samuel T. Durrance, Ph.D., space exploration research: instrumentation development, UV spectroscopy, atmospheric physics, nuclear physics, space environment and human space exploration, NASA astronaut.

Marcus Hohlmann, Ph.D., elementary particle physics: experimental high-energy physics with CMS experiment at CERN, development of particle detectors, muon tomography, cluster and grid computing.

Ralph D. Kimberlin, Dr.-Ing., flight test engineering, airplane performance, airplane stability and control, helicopter flight test.

Daniel R. Kirk, Ph.D., fluid mechanics, heat transfer, combustion, air-breathing propulsion, chemical and nuclear thermal rocket propulsion, shock tube flow experimentation, high-speed aerodynamics, internal flows, superconductivity for launch assist, spacecraft shielding, energy storage and propulsion.

T.  Dwayne McCay, Ph.D., materials science: materials processing in space.

Eric S. Perlman, Ph.D., extragalactic astrophysics: active galactic nuclei, jets, observational cosmology.

Hamid K. Rassoul, Ph.D., University Professor, space physics and instrumentation: physics of planetary lightning, solar energetic particles and cosmic rays, magnetic storms and substorms, photochemistry of planetary upper atmospheres.

Chelakara S. Subramanian, Ph.D., P.Eng. (U.K.), FllE, complex boundary layer flows (LDV, PIV/PDA, PSP/TSP), energy systems, film cooling, turbulence measurement/analysis low/high speed wind tunnel testing, wireless sensor network for wind, hurricane wind monitoring.

Ming Zhang, Ph.D., space physics: cosmic radiation and interactions with the plasma and magnetic fields in the interstellar medium, the heliosphere and magnetospheres.

Associate Professors

Mark R. Archambault, Ph.D., rocket combustion and propulsion, rocket fuel injector modeling, computational fluid dynamics, multiphase fluid flow, spray and particulate dynamics.

David C. Fleming, Ph.D., structural mechanics, advanced composite materials, crashworthy aerospace vehicle design, finite element analysis, fracture mechanics.

Brian A. Kish, Ph.D., flight test engineering, airplane performance, airplane stability and control, avionics, control systems.

Amitabh Nag, Ph.D.atmospheric electricity, lightning physics and electromagnetic effects, energetic radiation from lightning, lightning detection and applications.

Csaba Palotai, Ph.D., comparative planetology, numerical modeling of airbursts, atmospheric dynamics and physics. 

Jean Carlos Perez, Ph.D., nonlinear dynamics and turbulence in space, astrophysical plasma flows.

Razvan Rusovici, Ph.D., structural dynamics, smart material applications, damping modeling, vibration and acoustics, sensors and instrumentation, experimental modal analysis, turbomachinery, biomechanics.

George Rybicki, Ph.D., nuclear physics, radiation detection and measurement, nuclear non-proliferation.

Paavo Sepri, Ph.D., fluid mechanics, turbulence, convective heat transfer, boundary layers, aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing, droplet combustion, computational fluid dynamics.

Markus Wilde, Ph.D., robotic space systems, orbital robotics, on-orbit servicing, orbital debris removal.

Francisco Yumiceva, Ph.D., elementary particle physics, experimental high-energy physics at CERN with CMS experiment, search for exotic particles, simulation and detector development.

Ju Zhang, Ph.D., computational fluid dynamics, combustion, detonation, solid rocket and propellant propulsion, planetary astrophysics.

Assistant Professors

Saida Caballero-Nieves, Ph.D., massive stars, massive binaries and multiplicity, adaptive optics, stellar spectroscopy, interferometry, space-based astronomy.

Kimberly B. Demoret, Ph.D., P.E., engineering design, space launch umbilicals and ground support equipment, aerospace systems engineering, engineering education.

David Harris, Ph.D., Physics Education Research, Black Hole Physics.

Reza Jahanbakhshi, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering.

Manasvi Lingam, Ph.D., Astrobiology, Planetary habitability, Biosignatures, Classical field theory, Plasma physics, Black holes.

Mirmilad Mirsayar, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering.

Jeremey Riousset, Ph.D., lightning, blue jets, gigantic jets, comparative planetology, stellar wind interaction with planets’ ionosphere.

Shermineh Rostami Fairchild, Ph.D., laser filamentation, laser-matter interaction, atmospheric propagation, free-space optical communication, remote sensing, discharge guiding.

Benjamin M. Sawyer, M.S., physics education.


James A. Gering, M.S.

Paul Martin, Ph.D.

Research Faculty

Sofiane Bourouaine, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor. Space Physics.

Konstantin V. Gamayunov, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor. Theoretical and computational space plasma physics.

Visiting Rearch Professionals

Daniel Batcheldor, Ph.D., Visiting Research Scientist. Subject Matter Expert - Physics, KSC-SURA.

Francis Bourne, Ph.D., Visiting Research Professor. Cubesat / small satellite mission and system development.

Tracy Gibson, Ph.D., Visiting Research Scientist. Space materials and systems, KSC-SURA liason.


Professors Emeriti

Joel H. Blatt, Ph.D.; James D. Patterson, Ph.D.

Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences Faculty


Ted A. Conway, Ph.D., biomedical imaging, biomechanics, rehabilitative engineering, viscoelastic and viscoplastic mechanics.

Julia E. Grimwade, Ph.D., DNA replication, DNA-protein interactions, bacterial cell cycle control, antibiotic discovery.

Linxia Gu, Ph.D., structure-function relationship of artery, brain, and eye; bioresorbable stent optimization; computational biomechanics; biomaterial testing and design

D. Andrew Knight, Ph.D., inorganic chemistry, catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry, biodefense applications, green chemistry.

Alan C. Leonard, Ph.D., molecular biology, microbial growth control, DNA replication, superhelicity and methylation as regulators of DNA bioreactivity, DNA-protein interactions.

Yi Liao, Ph.D., photochemical processes, reversible photoreactions under visible light, photoresponsive polymers, photo-controlled catalysis.

Kunal Mitra, Ph.D., short pulse laser-based systems, biomedical imaging, therapy of cancer/tumor, bio-heat transfer modeling, radiation transport modeling, ablation of hard and soft tissues, nanobiosensors, cellular interrogation.

Nasri Nesnas, Ph.D., bioorganic chemistry.

Manolis M. Tomadakis, Ph.D., analytical and numerical studies of transport, reaction and nuclear magnetic resonance in porous, composite and biological media; materials characterization through computer simulations.

Rudolf J. Wehmschulte, Ph.D., materials and organometallic chemistry.

Associate Professors

Boris B. Akhremitchev, Ph.D., single-molecule techniques, protein–ligand interactions, hydrophobic interactions, protein aggregation, atomic force microscopy, force spectroscopy, physical and biophysical chemistry.

Christopher A. Bashur, Ph.D., cardiovascular tissue engineering, scaffold fabrication and characterization, cell-microenvironment interactions, modulating graft-induced host response.

James R. Brenner, Ph.D., self-assembly or aggregation of nanomaterials; 3D printing of biological scaffolding, solid rocket fuel and metals; combined cyclic fatigue and cryogenic embrittlement under controlled atmospheres.

Alan B. Brown, Ph.D., physical organic chemistry, stereochemistry, bioorganic chemistry.

Eric Guisbert, Ph.D., biochemistry and molecular biology of the heat-shock response in animals.

Mehmet Kaya, Ph.D., ultrasound imaging and therapeutics, cardiac and vascular mechanics, biomedical signal processing, bio-sensors and biomedical instrumentation, electrophysiology, computer modeling for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Vipuil Kishore, Ph.D., development of biologically inspired materials, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.

Andrew Palmer, Ph.D., host–pathogen interactions, plant–plant signaling, chemical biology.

Charles D. Polson, Ph.D., application and development of biotechnology in undergraduate education, nucleic acid analysis, electrophoretic separation.

Norito Takenaka, Ph.D., organic chemistry, asymmetric catalysis, synthetic chemistry, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry.

Jonathan E. Whitlow, Ph.D., P.E., multivariable process control, adaptive control, process modeling and simulation, renewable energy conversion systems.

Shaohua Xu, Ph.D., protein structure, function and relationship to osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s, molecular imaging, nanoscience.

Assistant Professors

Christopher D. Chouinard, Ph.D., ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS), metabolomics, lipidomics

Diego Guarin Lopez, Ph.D., Machine learning, Deep learning, Neurological Diseases, Facial Analysis, Motor Control

Kenia P. Nunes Bruhn, Ph.D., vascular physiology, hypertension, diabetes, erectile dysfunction.

Pavithra Pathirathna, Ph.D., electrochemistry, micro/nano electrodes, sensors for in vivo and in vitro applications

Roberto Peverati, Ph.D., computational methods for electronic structure theory calculations, quantum chemistry software.

Maria E. Pozo de Fernandez, Ph.D., diffusion in polymers, properties of polymer systems, thermodynamics, fluid phase equilibria at high pressures, supercritical fluids.

Toufiq M. Reza, Ph.D., sustainable energy, biomass conversion to biofuels and biomaterials, hydrothermal treatments, pyrolysis, and deep eutectic solvents.

Jessica L. Smeltz, Ph.D., Director Chemistry Resource Center

Keshav Venkat, Ph.D.,  cardiovascular disease, fluid mechanics, multi scale modeling, computational fluid dynamics, blood flow, translational research, heart failure, stroke, patient-based modeling

Robert Usselman, Ph.D., magnetic resonance, quantum biology, bio-imaging, deep learning

Research Assistant Professors

Karen Kim Guisbert, Ph.D., RNA biology, heat-shock response in cancer

Professors Emerita

Mary Sohn, Ph.D.

Professors Emeriti

Michael W. Babich, Ph.D.; J. Clayton Baum, Ph.D.; Arvind M. Dhople, Ph.D.; Michael S. Grace, Ph.D.; Charles E. Helmstetter, Ph.D.; Paul Jennings, Ph.D.; Joshua Rokach, Ph.D.; Russell C. Weigel, Ph.D.; Gary N. Wells, Ph.D.

Computer Engineering And Sciences Faculty


William W. Arrasmith, Ph.D.unconventional detection methods, imaging systems, adaptive optics, atmospheric turbulence compensation, infrasound propagation and modeling, virtual/mixed/augmented reality, and systems engineering.

Marco Carvalho, Ph.D., intelligent communication and information systems, network and computer  security.

Samuel P.  Kozaitis, Ph.D., automated feature extraction, image processing.

Brian A. Lail, Ph.D., antenna-coupled sensors, computational and applied electromagnetics, EMI,  EMC.

Debasis Mitra, Ph.D., artificial intelligence, spatial and temporal  reasoning.

Syed H. Murshid, Ph.D., photonics, fiber-optic sensors, acoustic and fiber-optic communications, power electronics,  instrumentation.

Marius C. Silaghi, Ph.D., cryptology, speech recognition, multi-party computation.Ryan Stansifer, Ph.D., programming languages, compilers, internationalization.

Associate Professors

William H. Allen III, Ph.D., computer networks, digital forensics, computer and network  security.

Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos, Ph.D., machine learning, pattern  recognition.

Philip J. Bernhard, Ph.D., database systems, theory of computation.

Philip K. Chan, Ph.D., scalable adaptive methods, machine learning, data mining, parallel and distributed computing, intelligent systems.

Susan K. Earles, Ph.D., semiconductor modeling, processing and fabrication, microelectronics, solid-state device  physics.

Thomas C. Eskridge, Ph.D., human–computer interaction, machine learning and data mining, knowledge representation and artificial intelligence visualization, user interface design.

Keith B. Gallagher, Ph.D., software engineering, software evolution, empirical studies, program slicing, program comprehension, software visualization, software testing.

Veton Z. Këpuska, Ph.D., human–machine interaction and communication, speech  recognition.

Michael C. King, Ph.D., biometrics, cyber-identity protection and privacy, machine learning, computer  networks.

Ivica Kostanic, Ph.D., telecommunications, wireless  telecommunications.

Carlos E. Otero, Ph.D., computer systems, wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks, performance evaluation and optimization of  systems.

Luis Daniel Otero, Ph.D., transportation systems engineering, decision support systems, remote sensing on UAV platforms.

Adrian M. Peter, Ph.D., systems engineering, statistical data analysis, machine learning, image  analysis, computer vision, general signal processing, numerical optimization, infrasound and seismic data analysis.

Eraldo Ribeiro, Ph.D., computer vision, image processing, pattern  recognition.

William D. Shoaff, Ph.D., functional programming, analysis of algorithms, numerical  analysis.

Ryan Stansifer, Ph.D., programming languages, compilers, internationalization.

Josko Zec, Ph.D., wireless communications.

Assistant Professors

Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Ph.D., formal methods, model-based software/systems engineering, autonomous systems, software/security assurance, wireless sensor networks.

Heather Crawford, Ph.D., computer security, human–computer interaction.

Aldo A. Fabregas, Ph.D., manufacturing systems analytics, intelligent transportation systems, and model-based systems engineering.

Chul-Ho Lee, Ph.D., network science (complex/social network analysis), statistical data analysis, networking, mobile computing, design and analysis of algorithms and protocols.

Terrence, O'Connor, Ph.D. 

Bernard Parenteau Ph.D., applied software development, economics, analytics, block-chain, virtual  currencies.

Khaled Slhoub Ph.D. software engineering, software testing, software requirements, multi-agent systems, software quality, software standards, software metrics

Anthony Smith, Ph.D., high-performance computing, cloud computing, machine learning, data analytics, computer  vision.

A. Lucas Stéphane, Ph.D., human-centered design, virtual intelligence in process  control.

Ersoy Subasi, Ph.D., operations research, financial mathematics, stochastic programming. Shengzhi Zhang, Ph.D., computer security, virtual machine security, operating system security.


Marilyn Scott, M.S.

Professors Emeriti

Frederick B. Buoni, Ph.D.; Cem Kaner, J.D., Ph.D.; Gerald A. Marin, Ph.D.; J. Richard Newman, Ph.D.; Rufus H. Cofer, Ph.D.; Raghvendra Deshmukh, Ph.D., P.E.; John Hadjilogiou, Ph.D., P.E.; Fredric M. Ham, Ph.D.; Celine Lang, D.P.A., Andrew W. Revay Jr., Ph.D.; Thomas J. Sanders, Ph.D.; M. Mehdi Shahsavari, Ph.D.; Robert L. Sullivan, Ph.D.; Lynn E. Weaver, Ph.D.; H.P. Weber,    D.Sc.

Mathematical Sciences Faculty


Ugur G. Abdulla, Ph.D., partial differential equations, potential theory, nonlinear PDEs,

optimal control and inverse problems, free boundary problems, probabilistic potential theory,

dynamical systems, chaos theory


Jewgeni H. Dshalalow, Dr. Sci.real analysis, stochastic processes, queuing theory,

mathematical finance, stochastic games, stochastic networks


                                               M. Hamed, Ph.D., STEM teaching and learning, physics education, teacher education 
Cecilia A. Knoll, Ph.D., calculus mastery, integrating technology into the curriculum



Kanishka Perera, Ph.D., variational and topological methods for nonlinear partial differential equations,  

semi- and quasi-linear elliptic boundary value problems, problems and singularities, critical point theory,

infinite dimensional Morse theory


Thomas J. Marcinkowski, Ph.D., science and environmental education, environmental sensitivity,

environmental literacy, environmentally responsible behavior, educational assessment,

research, and evaluation


Gnana B. Tenali, Ph.D., wavelet analysis, differential operators, dynamical systems


Associate Professors

 Jian Du, Ph.D., scientific computing, numerical analysis, modeling and mathematical biology
 Jim Jones, Ph.D., computational mathematics, parallel computing, numerical solution of PDEs

Tariel I. Kiguradze, Ph.D., partial differential equations, hyperbolic equations and systems,

boundary value problems, qualitative theory

Jay J. Kovats, Ph.D., elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations, diffusion processes

Nezamoddin Nezamoddini-Kachoiue, Ph.D., biostatistics, bioimaging, signal processing,

image processing, computer vision

Michael D. Shaw, Ph.D., nonlinear differential equations, Lyapunov stability theory
Mine Subasi

Munevver M. Subasi, Ph.D., stochastic programming, optimization,

probabilistic constrained programming, machine learning, bioinformatics,

data mining, graph theory, financial mathematics


Assistant Professors

Vladislav Bukshtynov, Ph.D., numerical optimization, control theory, inverse problems,

mathematical modeling for industrial applications, modeling and analysis of PDEs,

computational fluid mechanics, scientific computing

Samantha Fowler, Ph.D., functional scientific literacy, socio-cultural attitudes toward science
William T. Girton, Ph.D., difference and differential equations

Jonathan Goldfarb, Ph.D., partial differential equations, optimal control and inverse problems,

free boundary problems, computational mathematics

Joo Young Park, Ph.D., mathematics education, mathematical modeling

Stanley Snelson, Ph.D., partial differential equations, integral equations,

mathematical physics, nonlinear wave equations

Aaron Welters, Ph.D., mathematical physics, electromagnetic theory, materials science
Ryan White, Ph.D., probability theory and stochastic processes, queueing theory


Professors Emeriti

Semen Köksal, Ph.D., differential equations, mathematical biology, neural networks,

dynamical systems, mathematical modeling 


  • Frederick B. Buoni, Ph.D.
  • Richard E. Enstice, Ph.D.
  • Robert H. Fronk, Ph.D.,
  • Charles T. Fulton, Ph.D.
  • Dennis E. Jackson, Ph.D.

Instructor Emerita

  • Debra Blenis, M.S.

Mechanical And Civil Engineering Faculty


Paul J. Cosentino, Ph.D., P.E., pavement design and evaluation, transportation planning, containment of hazardous wastes, geotechnical engineering with emphasis on in situ testing and slope stability.

Linxia Gu, Ph.D., computational mechanics; biomechanics; biomaterial testing and design; bioresorbable device optimization; failure initiation and crack growth;  bio composites.

Hector M. Gutierrez, Ph.D., P.E., mechatronics, nonlinear control, electromechanical systems, electromechanical energy conversion, magnetic suspension systems, computer-based instrumentation, computer-aided engineering of control systems.

Gerald J. Micklow, Ph.D., P.E., automotive engineering, thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, gas turbine engines, compressible gas dynamics, jet and rocket propulsion, external aerodynamics.

Ashok Pandit, Ph.D., P.E., groundwater hydraulics and hydrology, numerical methods in subsurface modeling, hydraulic design, stormwater management.

Jean-Paul Pinelli, Ph.D., P.E., wind and earthquake engineering, risk analysis and risk modeling, wireless instrumentation.

Steven Shaw, Ph.D., Harris Professor, dynamics and vibrations of mechanical systems, nonlinear and noisy behavior, design of resonant micro/nano-electro-mechanical systems, dynamics and design of centrifugal pendulum vibration absorbers.

Ke-gang Wang, Ph.D., materials science and engineering, phase transformation, nanomaterials, statistical mechanics for different transport processes.

Associate Professors

Albert M. Bleakley, Ph.D., P.E., construction management, project management, soil mechanics, structural systems, transportation engineering, safety.

Troy Nguyen, Ph.D., P.E., construction management, mechanical and electrical systems, renewable energy systems, systems engineering, building information modeling.

Nakin Suksawang, Ph.D., P.E., structural health monitoring and field testing; micromechanics, nanomechanics, advanced construction materials.

Shengyuan Yang, Ph.D., cell and tissue mechanics and mechanobiology, micro- and nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), bio-MEMS/NEMS.

Assistant Professors

Junyong Ahn, Ph.D., project delivery systems and performance evaluation, construction productivity, project risk management, innovative construction techniques.

Rodrigo Mesa-Arango, Ph.D., freight and logistics, interdisciplinary transportation modeling, network modeling and simulation.

Mary Ann Gaal. Ph.D, engineering management, construction, management, leadership, organizational behavior, communication, creativity.

Ilya Mingareev, Ph.D., laser-based manufacturing, ultrafast laser micro-processing, laser–matter interactions, predictive process modeling, 3D printing.

Hamidreza Najafi, Ph.D., heat transfer, industrial and residential energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, thermal systems design and optimization, inverse heat conduction problems.

Efthymios Nikolopoulos, Ph.D.  Water resources, flood and drought risk, hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, remote sensing, early warning systems, statistical analysis of extremes, error analysis and uncertainty propagation, food-water-energy nexus.

Darshan Pahinkar, Ph.D., energy conversion and storage systems, computational and experimental thermal sciences, electronics thermal management.

Chiradeep Sen, Ph.D., unified theory of design, knowledge-based engineering systems, experimental exploration (cognitive, behavioral and social design), computational/linguistic modeling, artificial intelligence reasoning in engineering design.

Xingjian Wang, Ph.D.,  supercritical fluid flow and combustion, physics-based reduced order models for engineering design and analysis, data-driven modeling, combustion dynamics, high pressure thermodynamics and transport, and CFD.

Barry Webster, Ph.D., systems engineering, optimization analysis, management and analysis of data, artificial intelligence, software engineering.

Professors Emeriti

Howell H. Heck, Ph.D., P.E., solid waste management, degradable materials, determining the ultimate fate of chemicals in disposal facilities.

Edward H. Kalajian, Ph.D.; Ralph V. Locurcio, Ph.D.; J.W. Schwalbe, Ph.D.

Ocean Engineering And Marine Sciences Faculty


Richard Aronson, Ph.D., coral reefs, climate change, paleoecology, marine ecology, Antarctica.

Mark Bush, Ph.D., paleoecology, biogeography, Amazonian speciation, tropical conservation, wetland ecosystems.

Kevin Johnson, Ph.D.,  benthic and water-column ecology, invasive species, planktonic grazing and distributions, estuarine restoration, predator-prey interactions.

Steven Lazarus, Ph.D., analysis and modeling of wind-driven waves, surface roughness, data assimilation, meteorology of lightning.

Kenyon Lindeman, Ph.D., sustainable coastal policy and climate adaptation, reef-fishery conservation, applied system sustainability.

George Maul, Ph.D., Atlantic tsunami mitigation, marine meteorology, climate and sea-level change, maritime natural hazards, physical oceanography, remote sensing.

Ronnal Reichard, Ph.D., composite materials and structures, composite manufacturing.

Geoffrey Swain, Ph.D., materials, corrosion, biofouling, offshore technology, ship operations.

Ralph Turingan, Ph.D., marine biology, vertebrate functional morphology, community structure of fishes, ecological morphology of feeding systems.

Robert Van Woesik, Ph.D., population and community ecology of coral reefs, emphasis on mechanisms underlying large scale patterns in coral community structure and diversity.

Gary Zarillo, Ph.D., sediment-transport technology, coastal and estuarine sedimentation, barrier island and tidal inlet 

Associate Professors

Charles Bostater, Ph.D., environmental modeling, remote sensing, estuarine particle dynamics, water quality instrumentation, environmental optics, environmental geophysical fluid dynamics, physical oceanography.

David Carroll, Ph.D., molecular basis of signal transduction in fertilization of marine invertebrates.

Andrew Palmer, Ph.D., host–pathogen interactions, plant–plant signaling, chemical biology.

Prasanta Sahoo, Ph.D., naval architecture, numerical modeling, computational fluid dynamics, propulsion, wave dynamics and hydrodynamics of high-speed craft.

Jonathan Shenker, Ph.D.,  finfish aquaculture, biology and ecology of early life stages of fishes, environmental toxicology.

Robert Weaver, Ph.D., coastal flooding and transport, water quality, 2D/3D circulation modeling, littoral processes.

Stephen Wood, Ph.D., underwater robotics, underwater vehicles, advanced navigation, control systems and ocean energy systems.

Assistant Professors

Toby Daly-Engel, Ph.D., molecular ecology, reproductive evolution, elasmobranch biology (sharks, skates, rays).

Spencer Fire, Ph.D., marine mammalogy, wildlife toxicology.

Austin Fox, Ph.D., concentrations and cycling of trace metals and nutrients in the oceans, estuaries and rivers.

Eric Guisbert, Ph.D., biochemistry and molecular biology of the heat-shock response in animals.

Kelli Hunsucker, Ph.D., biofouling, biofilms, hydrodynamics of marine ecosystems, diatom settlement on artificial surfaces, benthic ecology, coastal water quality, eco-engineering, marine education

Emily Ralston, Ph.D., biofouling, corrosion

Pallav Ray, Ph.D., tropical climate dynamics and variability, Madden-Julian oscillations, regional climate modeling, intraseasonal oscillations, land-atmosphere interactions, urban modeling.​


Glenn Miller, coastal ecology

Professors Emeriti

Thomas V. Belanger, Ph.D; Iver W. Duedall, Ph.D.; John G. Morris, Ph.D.; Dean R. Norris, Ph.D.; John Sainsbury, Ph.D.; John H. Trefry, Ph.D.; Richard L. Turner, Ph.D.; John G. Windsor, Ph.D; Andrew Zborowski, Ph.D.

Doherty Visiting Professor

Jeff A. Eble, Ph.D.